PAK Electronic Study Manual Basic Package for ERM Exam (Fall 2018) (including ERM Extension)


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PAK Electronic Study Manual Package (ERM Core + ERM Extension) Contains the Following 3 Items

1. PAK Electronic Study Manual                  

2. PAK Electronic Flash Cards                   

3. PAK Electronic Exam Aid                         



#1: PAK Electronic Study Manual

1. PAK Study Manual

2. Relevant Past SOA Exam Questions (List)

3. 400+ Practice Questions

4. 10 Mock Exam Questions

5. Suggested Study Schedule and Syllabus Page Count

6. Online Tutorial Videos

7. Email Support


#2: PAK Electronic Flash Cards

1. PAK Electronic Flash Cards

2. PAK Audio Flash Cards + Anki

3. PAK Electronic Condensed Summary


#3: PAK Electronic Exam Aid

1. 110 Mock Exam Questions and Solutions (11 Mock Question Sets)

2. 900+ Practice Question Set

3. Case Study Analysis

4. Case Study Practice Question Set

5. Past SOA Exam Questions (from All FSA Tracks) Relevant to This Exam




Important Notes

1. Please note that this product is in electronic (PDF) format. No hard copy is provided and No refunds are available for this product.

2. The availability date of the items may be different.


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There are many reasons why students think the PAK Study Manual and related study aids are the best to help them pass this exam. Comments from the past candidates:


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Publisher: PAK
Author: Chan, Eddy
Format: eDocument

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