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Are you focusing on all the readings that are most likely to be tested?


Chances are you're spending a lot of your limited study time trying to understand ALL the details of each and every reading on the syllabus. 


Of course, that is the ultimate goal and I encourage you to strive to do that.  But sometimes life gets in the way and themonths of time that you originally had to study quickly turns into weeks, and then days.


I propose that you still aim to understand all the readings, 100%, on the exam but don't do that in a random, thoughtless order.


Some readings are much more likely to be tested on exam day than others.  


On some exams, over 10% of the syllabus has NEVER been tested.  Why spend study time NOW trying to understand those readings when there are other readings that are MUCH more likely to be tested? 


You can't guarantee that you'll have time to dig into the details of each reading on the syllabus, so dig into the most IMPORTANT ones first!


It's difficult to know which readings you should be focusing on RIGHT NOW.  That's why I've analyzed past exams and solutions  to create the Exam Analysis Cheat Sheet for you.


It will tell you which readings are most likely to be tested on exam day! 


Use the Exam Analysis Cheat Sheet so that you know where to focus now and as exam day creeps closer. 

Etched Actuarial Exam Analysis Cheat Sheet for ERM

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