PAK Online Seminar

1. Over 80 videos to clarify and explain the key concepts/calculations in the readings of the entire syllabus

2. Discuss the past exam questions and what questions might be asked on the upcoming exam

3. Videos reviewing exam tips and techniques that can help you to maximize your score

4. Review the new version of the case study and discuss which sections are important, and how they might be tested

5. Contain condensed outlines for each reading

6. Practice Question Set (200 questions) to test your knowledge

7. Review the lectures and study at your own pace, on any PC, Mac, smartphone, and/or tablet device

8. All videos are available in MP3 (audio) format

9. Instructor support via email and PAK Forum support to help you to clarify any section of the syllabus

10. Free access for 2nd attempt (only for those who scored 2-5)


PAK Study Manual

1. PAK Study Manual

2. Relevant Past SDM SOA Exam Questions (List)

3. Case study analysis

4. Practice Questions (400+ in total)

5. 10 Mock Exam Questions

6. Suggested Study Schedule and Syllabus Page Count

7. Email Support

PAK Study Manual + PAK Online Seminar for SDM

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