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Includes A&J Study Manual for FM/2 and A&J Flashcards for FM/2 

This manual is written in a way that appeals to the intuition of the readers in various topics with the attempt to keep the readers interested in the materials. The attempt to achieve this is by giving illustrations and examples when explaining new concepts to the readers. Besides, jargons or new terms are appropriately used so that the readers can grasp the material easily. 

SOA past year questions are categorized into respective chapters to expose the readers to the style of exam questions. Along with this manual, there are 2 sets of self-originated practice exams specially designed to help the users to get deeper into the materials. 

Assistance on the content of this manual or the materials covered in SOA Exam FM/ CAS Exam 2 is available with the purchase of this product. You are welcome to send your inquiries about this study manual or this exam to 

In addition to the study manual, the flashcards are designed to assist you to remember the key formulas, list and concepts for the exam. With A&Flashcards, you can enjoy the convenience of reviewing the exam material anywhere, even in your mobile phone! 

With this purchase, the customer will be given the messenger email address of the author to further clarify his/her doubts during the studies. 

After ordering this product, please check your spam or junk email folder to ensure that the email for this product to you is not overlooked. 

Please visit for more information.

A&J FM/2 Economic Bundle (Study Manual+Flashcards)

  • Author: Alvin Soh, FSA, CERA

    Alvin Soh received his B.S in Actuarial Science from in 2010, the Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst designation in 2011, and the Fellow of the Society of Actuaries designation in 2012. As a passionate actuarial student, he self-studied and passed all the preliminary exams in mere18 months. The mastering of the right skills to tackle the actuarial exams has made him one of the youngest to obtain the F.S.A designation.

    He has been keen and enthusiastic in helping his peers to understand the complicated actuarial concepts using meaningful and straightforward explanation. When he was a university student, he held revision groups in with his peers in which he went through the topics before the exams.  He wrote the first study manual for actuarial exams when he was a sophomore, with the aspiration to help all actuarial students to overcome the challenges they face during exams preparation.

    Alvin Soh is currently working as a risk actuary with Tokio Marine Life Singapore.

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