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Serious students interested in passing the probability exam on their first sitting should look no further than Actuarial AdvantEDGE’s Exam P / CAS 1 study manual. In this breakthrough manual, the author presents the entire spectrum of potential exam topics in an easy-to-read format that logically flows from one section to the next. Historical exam problems and tons of new exam-caliber problems are thoroughly and unambiguously dissected, referencing justifying formulas from relevant sections of the manual. Insightful, clean graphs are provided throughout the manual to aid visual learning styles.

Within each section, introductory examples are given to help familiarize the student with the basic topics and any new notation. End-of-section practice problems further build on each section’s lessons, providing both easy and difficult problems. The manual culminates with five new, full length practice exams that the student is encouraged to take in an exam-like environment so as to best prepare for the official exam.

Be sure to view Actuarial AdvantEDGE’s sample manual, which includes a table of contents. We feel very strongly that you will find our manual to have a much cleaner presentation than our competition!

The trick to passing any actuarial exam is having the ability to read a problem and very quickly determine the most efficient solution method. Our manual’s structure, lessons, tons of practice problems, and clear solutions will help you achieve this end. Topics include:

Introductory Probability Topics
Discrete Distributions (uniform, binomial, poisson, geometric, etc.)
Continuous Distributions (uniform, exponential, gamma, normal, etc.)
Multivariate Distributions (both discrete and continuous)
The Central Limit Theorem and Related Topics
Variable Transformations and Order Statistics
Much More!!!

Get the edge with Actuarial AdvantEDGE!

If you have questions on any problem or topic throughout your study of this manual, you are encouraged to contact the author for a personalized response. 

Actuarial AdvantEDGE Exam P Study Manual

  • Author: George Barnidge, M.S., F.S.A.
    George Barnidge received his B.S in mathematics from Santa Clara University in 2001 and his M.S. in statistics from the University of Washington in 2004. After teaching in the mathematics department at Lindenwood University for three years, he decided to pursue a career as an actuary, passing all five A.S.A. exams and both F.S.A. exams on the first sitting, with an average score of 9.4. As a professor, he developed a strong ability to communicate complex concepts in terms that were accessible to a lay audience. As an actuarial student, he learned study skills that set him apart from his peers, skills that gave him the ability to solve exam problems efficiently and methodically. He has made a conscious effort to incorporate this skill set when writing this manual, making every effort to present each topic in the cleanest and clearest way possible. He currently works for Reinsurance Group of America. He passed Exam P with a 10.

  • Customers can return their manual for a full refund only if the manual is returned in the original, unopened shrink wrap and within 30 days of having been shipped.

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