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Direct Path to the CFA Charter is the ultimate guide to passing the Chartered Financial Analyst exams. This is no ordinary "how-to" manual for CFA candidates. Written by an internationally published author who passed all three CFA exams on the first try, this book is packed with real strategies that get real results. What tactics make the difference? How do passing candidates set themselves apart? Direct Path to the CFA Charter enables you to adopt the right methods and strategies to pass the exams the first time around. With actionable takeaways, sample study schedules, and unique tips for every CFA Level, this book is for the serious candidate who not only wants to understand the CFA Program, but succeed in it. 

Chapter List: 

Part One: Answers to Big Questions 
Chapter 1: CFA Program Overview 
Chapter 2: Does Industry Experience Matter? 
Chapter 3: The First Secret to Passing CFA Exams 
Chapter 4: The Second Secret to Passing CFA Exams 
Chapter 5: What Ethics Is Really All About 
Chapter 6: A Quiet, Important Statistic 

Part Two: Study Regimen 
Chapter 7: The 300-Hour Trap 
Chapter 8: A Study Plan from Start to Finish 
Chapter 9: Curriculum Books or Study Notes? 
Chapter 10: The Power of Flashcards 
Chapter 11: Transforming Knowledge into Test Performance 
Chapter 12: A Differentiating Practice Test Strategy 
Chapter 13: Study Groups Are Overrated 
Chapter 14: Read This When You Want to Quit 
Chapter 15: Test Day Suggestions 
Chapter 16: Putting It All Together 
Level I, II, and III Recap and Sample Schedules 
Test Preparation Resources

Direct Path to the CFA Charter

  • 9781941074015

  • Bryant, Rachel

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