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PAK Exam Aid Contains the Following 3 Items

Practice makes perfect! The main goal is to help you practice as many as you can so that the knowledge stays inside your brain . Don't miss out!


1. Past SOA Exam Questions (from All FSA Tracks) Relevant to This Exam

This set not only includes the past exam questions from the LP/CSP/DP exam, but also includes the past exam questions from all the other FSA exam tracks (e.g. ERM, CFE, etc). It helps you better understand how the materials were tested and gets you familiar with the SOA exam question style.


2. 60+ Mock Exam Questions and Solutions

The mock exam questions mimic the same difficulty level of the real exam questions. 30 mock exam questions and solutions are included to challenge your understandings.


3. 30+ Syllabus Example Questions

Many examples are covered in this syllabus. Exam creators sometimes choose them and alter the numbers to create a new exam question. Therefore, I consolidate the key examples and provide detailed solutions to get you well-prepared for that.


4. 200+ Practice Questions

One key point to pass this exam is to "practice" (Practice makes perfect!). Due to this reason, we include many practice questions in each reading (200+ in total) to refresh the materials just learnt and to strengthen your knowledge. This practice question set is different from the practice question set in the PAK Study Manual.


PAK Exam Aid for LAM

  • No refunds or No partial refunds are available for this product.

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