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PAK Flash Cards

They summarize the key points (with mnemonics) in outline format to quickly refresh all the important topics in the readings. The flash cards are in PDF and PNG format. You can use it in your handheld device (e.g. iPhone, Android, HTC, iPad, Nook, etc).


BONUS Material: PAK Audio Flash Cards + Anki

The purpose of the PAK Audio Flash Cards is to strengthen your memory on the materials in the syllabus. The PAK Audio Flash Cards are in MP3 format. You can save them into your smartphone / MP3 device and listen to them anytime and anywhere you want (e.g. in gym, in train, etc). An Anki version is also available. 


BONUS Material: PAK Electronic Condensed Summary

It summarizes the key concepts and examples in the readings so that you can quickly refresh all the important topics. At the same time, you can see how the topics are linked to the syllabus so that you can also keep the whole picture in mind.


PAK Flash Cards for LPM

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    The cost of shipment within the U.S. and Canada is included in this price. Since the cost of shipment varies internationally, for international shipment, please send an email to for a quote.

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