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PAK Electronic Flash Cards

The PAK Flash cards is meant to accompany the Condensed Summary. This is a reference tool containing concepts that shall be solid in your brain.


The best practice is to read the study manual, to familiarize yourself with the materials (once or twice). Then read the condensed summary and add your own notes as you go through the condensed summary. As you read the condensed summary a second and a third time around, it shall take you less and less time to go through the entire syllabus. The read through of all the flash cards results in a lower time than reading the condensed summary.


One of the difficulties of the FSA level exams is to understand the entire syllabus and remember it. The flash cards help in training your brain to save (at least) the main points from the entire syllabus and be able to review in a short amount of time.


Bonus: PAK Electronic Condensed Summary

The PAK Condensed Summary is meant to fix knowledge and concepts grasped in the study manual. As you read the PAK Condensed Summary, try to see that the concepts flow superbly. Try to fill in the gaps.


The PAK Condensed Summary is a memorization tool that highlights only the key items from the source syllabus. The PAK Condensed Summary lists out the main concepts that is needed in order to tackle retrieval type questions, and provides you the strong basis to tackle cognitive type questions.


Unless you have outstanding knowledge about the syllabus, you are expected to read the Condensed Summary after reviewing the Study Manual. You are also expected to tackle some past exam questions and the 100-MOCK problems from the PAK EXAM AID together with the summary guides (the condensed summary and the flash cards).


You are not advised to solely rely on the condensed summary and flash cards to prepare for this exam.

PAK Flash Cards for QFI QF Exam

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