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PAK Online Seminar Package Contains 5 Items:

1. PAK Electronic Study Manual                     

2. PAK Electronic Flash Cards                          

3. PAK Electronic Exam Aid                             

4. PAK Electronic Test Aid                               

5. PAK Online Seminar                                       


#1: PAK Study Manual

1. PAK Study Manual 

2. Relevant Past LFV/CSP/DP-IU SOA Exam Questions (List)

3. 200+ Practice Questions

4. 10 Mock Exam Questions

5. Suggested Study Schedule and Syllabus Page Count

6. Bonus Materials

7. Email Support


#2: PAK Exam Aid (Electronic Copy)

1. 60+ Mock Exam Questions and Solutions

2. 30+ Syllabus Questions

3. 200+ Practice Questions

4. Past SOA Exam Questions (from All FSA Tracks) Relevant to This Exam


#3: PAK Flash Cards

1. PAK Flash Cards

2. Bonus: PAK Audio Flash Cards + Anki

3. Bonus: PAK Condensed Summary


#4: PAK Test Aid (Electronic Copy)


#5: PAK Online Seminar (Video Format)

1) Comprehensive on-demand presentations of each reading discussing content, main ideas, testable topics, and key past exam questions

2) Strategy section with videos discussing study strategies and exam-taking strategies

3) Videos for past exam questions demonstrating how to approach and answer a question in its entirety

4) Condensed outlines for each syllabus reading

5) 200+ Practice Questions

6) Complete video library on demand

7) On-demand video library compatible with smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc), tablets (iPad, Android), and PC/Mac devices.

8) Videos in MP3 (audio) format

9) Email support

10) Free access for 2nd attempt (only for those who scored 2-5)

PAK Online Seminar + PAK Study Manual Package for LFM

  • No refunds are available for this product.

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