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PAK Study Package Contains the Following 5 Items

1. PAK Study Manual           

2. PAK Flash Cards                     

3. PAK Exam Aid                      

4. PAK Test Aid                        


#1: PAK Study Manual

1. PAK Study Manual

2. Relevant Past SDM SOA Exam Questions (List)

3. Practice Questions (400+ in total)

4. 10 Mock Exam Questions

5. Suggested Study Schedule and Syllabus Page Count

6. Spreadsheets (for Calculations)

7. Email Support


#2: PAK Electronic Flash Cards

1. PAK Flash Cards

2. Bonus: PAK Audio + Anki Flash Cards

3. Bonus: PAK Condensed Summary


#3: PAK Electronic Exam Aid

1. 70 Mock Exam Questions and Solutions (with Case-Study-Related Questions and Spreadsheet-Based Calculations)

2. Practice Questions (500+ in total)

3. Past SOA Exam Questions (from All FSA Tracks) Relevant to This Exam


#4: PAK Electronic Test Aid

1. Mock Exam Question Set

PAK Study Manual Package for SDM

  • No refunds are available for this product.  The availability date of the items may be different.


    The cost of shipment within the U.S. and Canada is included in this price. Since the cost of shipment varies internationally, for international shipment, please send an email to for a quote.

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