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PAK Study Manual Contains the Following 5 Items


1. PAK Study Manual 

The PAK Study Manual covers the entire "Quantitative Finance (Finance Exam)" syllabus. The PAK study manual is a well organized, beautifully written, and it contains clear explanations of complex concepts from the source study notes. The PAK study manual is very reader-friendly. The study manual connects concepts between different parts and sections of the official syllabus. This allows you to gain insights on how the materials can be tested on the exam.

  • Every chapter covered in the PAK Study Manual starts with a summary or a background of the reading, highlighting the most important points of the reading and ends with testing concept questions and a list of related past exam questions.
  • Every chapter covered in the PAK Study Manual lists the past exam questions that are relevant for that chapter.
  • Every chapter covered in the PAK Study Manual includes sample problems and solutions.
  • Every chapter covered in the PAK Study Manual includes detailed re-worked, past exam questions.



  • The study manual basically distills and synthesizes knowledge, explanation and analysis of virtually all concepts, theories and examples covered in the source material. It ensures that the serious reader develops and maintains a good understanding of the materials.
  • The study manual bridges several sections of the official reading that discuss similar concepts, allowing you to understand similarities and/or differences (The Girsanov Theorem in Neftci and Eric Chin, Forward contracts in various source readings, Repo contracts in various readings, interest rate models and derivatives in various readings).
  • The study manual reports many typos that exist in the official source readings, for instance the Neftci reading and the Veronesi readings.
  • The study manual clarifies concepts that may appear to be contradicting or misleading from the source manuals.
  • The study manual provides many tables, and graphs to illustrate many concepts in the source readings.
  • The study manual provides many working examples to illustrate important concepts. Past exam reviews are also included.
  • For every reading, the study manual proposes a list of past SOA exams that have tested the specific reading and review some of them.
  • The study manual proposes an exam review section where the SOA exam question is reviewed and re-worked.
  • The study manual comes with relevant Excel file that shows you how to handle the Excel type questions during the Exam. For instance, the Excel file that contains the illustration of the various VA guarantees, and the Excel file that contains fixed income securities calculations.

The study manual is a valuable tool to quickly gain first time exposure to the reading.


Please download the sample from our website.


2. 15+ Mock Exam Questions

We include 15 MOCK Exam problems in the Study Manual to help you prepare for the exam. These 15 MOCK problems are different from the 100+ MOCK problems contained in the other PAK products (Exam Aid and Test Aid). Each MOCK is a problem of three to ten questions drawn from one/multiple readings from the syllabus.


3. Suggested Study Schedule and Syllabus Page Count

The SOA syllabus is huge. It is very easy to lose track on your study. A clearly defined study schedule and some useful tips are included to help you better manage your schedule.


4. Email Support

Get questions? Please send us an email.


5. More than 4 PAK Review Notes (PAK forum) and relevant Excel files (Study Manual)

Originally put together review papers providing additional explanations for specific concepts, with past SOA exams and the like as illustration. There are currently five review notes covering Ito Calculus, Girsanov Theorem, Interest rate derivatives etc….

PAK Study Manual for QFI QF Exam

  • No refunds are available for this product.

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