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1. PAK Study Manual 

The PAK Study Manual covers the entire "Foundations of CFE" syllabus. Not only does it give you the detailed explanations on conceptual, calculation, and exam materials, but it also fills in the gaps among the topics that are not covered in the source readings. It helps you better understand and master the confusing logics and difficult materials.


In addition, it links the similar topics across readings together and connects them to the syllabus so that you can see the whole picture of this exam.


Please download the sample for more details.


2. Relevant Past CFE/FETE SOA Exam Questions (List)

For each reading, I compose a list of relevant past exam questions (if any) so that you can locate the questions quickly and practice them immediately. This saves your time on searching what materials are relevant to this exam.


3. 400+ Practice Questions

One key point to pass this exam is to "practice" (Practice makes perfect!). Due to this reason, I include many practice questions in each reading (400+ in total) to refresh the materials just learnt and to strengthen your knowledge. More practice will be available in the PAK Exam Aid.


4. 10 Mock Exam Questions

The mock exam questions mimic the same difficulty level of the real exam questions. 10 mock exam questions and solutions are included in the PAK Study Manual to challenge your understandings. More practice will be available in the PAK Exam Aid.


5. Suggested Study Schedule and Syllabus Page Count

The syllabus is huge. It is very easy to lose track on your study. A clearly defined study schedule and some useful tips are included to help you better manage your schedule.


6. Spreadsheets (for Calculations)

Useful spreadsheets are included to clarify the calculations in the syllabus


7. Bonus Materials

Since they are "bonus", I will not disclose them here. They are available one month before the exam. Please feel free to send me an email for more details.


8. Email Support

Get questions? Please send me an email.

PAK Study Manual + Practice Questions for CFE

  • No refunds are available for this product.  The availability date of the items may be different.


    The cost of shipment within the U.S. and Canada is included in this price. Since the cost of shipment varies internationally, for international shipment, please send an email to for a quote.

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