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The essential resource for designing and implementing employee benefits—bringing you up to date on critical new industry changes


For nearly three decades, HR professionals and consultants have depended on The Handbook of Employee Benefits for authoritative answers to their questions about designing and implementing competitive employee benefits packages.


Covering everything from general objectives to costs, this classic reference brings you up to date on critical changes driven by legislative developments, such as the new health-care reform law enacted by the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


The seventh edition of The Handbook of Employee Benefits features the knowledge and insights of the leading scholars and practitioners in the field. Filled with new and updated information and real-world examples, this edition focuses on health and group benefits:

  • Health Benefits: health-care reform’s impact on employee benefits, new approaches to cost containment, how to access quality care, consumer-driven health-care plan designs along with dental, behavioral, prescription, and long-term care programs 
  • Life Insurance: group term, universal life, and corporate-owned life programs 
  • Work/Life Programs: traditional time off and family leave, child and elder care, and assistance for education, financial planning, and voluntary benefits 
  • Social Insurance Programs: Social Security, Medicare, and workers’ and unemployment compensation programs 
  • Group and Health Benefit Plan Financial Management: federal tax laws, funding health benefit plans—insured, self-funded, and captive arrangements 
  • Employee Benefit Administration: flexible benefit plans, fiduciary liability issues, and communications 
  • Issues of Special Interest: retiree welfare benefits, small company benefits, multiemployer plans, and international employee benefit planning


An innovative, efficient employee benefit program has become one of the primary prerequisites to success in today’s lean business battleground.The Handbook of Employee Benefits provides the knowledge and tools you need to create plans that benefit the greatest number of employees, while allowing employers to maintain fiscal integrity and competitive advantage.

The Handbook of Employee Benefits: Health and Group Benefits

  • 9780071745987

  • Rosenbloom, Jerry S.; Rosenbloom, Jerry S., Ph.D.

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