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The definitive guide to fixed income securities―updated and revised with everything you need to succeed in today’s market

The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities has been the most trusted resource for fixed income investing for decades, providing everything sophisticated investors need to analyze, value, and manage fixed income instruments and their derivatives. 

But this market has changed dramatically since the last edition was published, so the author has revised and updated his classic guide to put you ahead of the curve. With chapters written by the leading experts in their fields, The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities, Ninth Edition provides expert discussions about:

  • Basics of Fixed Income Analytics Treasuries, Agency, Municipal, and Corporate Bonds
  • Mortgage-Backed and Asset-Backed Securities
  • The Yield Curve and the Term Structure
  • Valuation and Relative Value
  • Credit Analysis
  • Portfolio Management and Strategies
  • Derivative Instruments and their Applications
  • Performance Attribution Analysis

The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities is the most inclusive, up-to-date source available for fixed income facts and analyses. Its invaluable perspective and insights will help you enhance investment returns and avoid poor performance in the fixed income market.

The Handbook Of Fixed Income Securities

  • 9781260473896

  • Fabozzi, Frank J./ Mann, Steven V.

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