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Mainstay reference guide for wealth management, newly updated fortoday's investment landscape

For over a decade, The New Wealth Management: The FinancialAdvisor's Guide to Managing and Investing Client Assets hasprovided financial planners with detailed, step-by-step guidance ondeveloping an optimal asset allocation policy for their clients.And, it did so without resorting to simplistic model portfolios,such as lifecycle models or black box solutions. Today, whileThe New Wealth Management still provides a thoroughbackground on investment theories, and includes many ready to useclient presentations and questionnaires, the guide is newly updatedto meet twenty-first century investment challenges. The book

  • Includes expert updates from Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)Institute, in addition to the core text of 1997's first edition– endorsed by investment luminaries Charles Schwab and JohnBogle
  • Presents an approach that places achieving client objectivesahead of investment vehicles
  • Applicable for self-study or classroom use

Now, as in 1997, The New Wealth Management effectivelyblends investment theory and real world applications. And intoday's new investment landscaped, this update to the classicreference is more important than ever.

The New Wealth Management

  • 9780470624005

  • Evensky, Harold; Horan, Stephen M.; Robinson, Thomas R.; Ibbotson, Roger

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