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This Third Edition prepares you unlike any other prep guide,combining all of the aspects of the Exam—Research,Communications, Simulations, and Content Change—in oneconvenient reference source. With each chapter designed as aseparate informational unit, You Can Pass the CPA Exam: GetMotivated!, Third Edition will get you ready by test day totackle every type of question in top form—including makingthe best educated guess on a tough multiple-choice question andconfidently nailing complex simulation questions.

You'll also find complete guidance for customizing your ownstudy plan and detailed tips for tackling every question, withcoverage of essential topics including:

  • Updated discussion of the Simulations component as well as theResearch component

  • Scheduling and applying for the Exam

  • Assessing your strengths and weaknesses

  • The Multiple-Choice component

  • The Communications component, formerly called Essays

  • Developing your personal study plan

  • Coping with your family, friends, and coworkers

  • Time management and other mistakes to avoid

You Can Pass the CPA Exam: Get Motivated

  • 9780470450024

  • Hopkins, Debra R.

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